Michael Kvium

Through the classical beauty of his often grotesque, provocative figurative compositions, Kvium utilizes a baroque performative aesthetic to fix a keen gaze on that to which society often turns a blind eye.

Emerging on to the international art scene in the 1980s, on the leading edge of postmodernity, Kvium rebelliously sought a return to the possibilities of figuration in art, after the progressively dematerializing tendencies of minimalism, abstract expressionism, and conceptualism in the preceding decades of the 20th century.

Imbued with particularly northern European contours of existential longing, the artist’s oeuvre, which spans film, performance, installation, sculpture, and painting, makes use of an iconography of the abject, ugly, surreal, or deformed in order to reveal the absurd nature of existence and to point to the equally horrifying, concealed underside of power.